Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Best iPhone Case You Will Ever Own!

Do you have troubles with droping, scratching, or drowning your new iPhone? Do you want to write new blog posts in the shower, like I am right now? Well now you can!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the generation 2 iPhone 4/4gs case. Just let me tell you, I am impressed.

If you all would direct your mobile web browsers with me to
We will find that they claim four proofs. Water, dirt, snow, and shock. This is all you could ever ask for in a phone case. But how does it stack up to the competition, and it's own claims?

For comparison's sake we are going to line up the Lifeproof case against AT&T's favorite iPhone fortresses. I will share my experiences with my past iPhone protection (steps out of shower and dries off), the Speck and the fabled Otterbox.

Most cases are designed to protect from scratching, but only true contenders in the iPhone protection business protect from a fall.

The Otterbox is legendary for taking some hard hits, however, I wouldn't want to drop a Speck out of much more than my pocket. Then there is Lifeproof. I would feel very comfortable with a little more than average use with this case. I won't be playing rugby with it, but I'm sure it make a fine ball.

Take your phone in the shower, I dare you. Attempt to capture brilliant full quality pictures underwater. Yea you didn't go and try that unless you feel like you want a new phone.

This case will go with you down, fully submerged, six feet and still have full functionality. That's nothing to shake a stick at. WARNING: people think it is weird when you call them from the shower.

The Speck was not dust proof by any means, but it kept clean. The Otterbox is a neat freaks nightmare, with all of its nooks and crannies. And neither of these cases could claim that they want you to drop them in mud, but Lifeproof does! Although, I don't recommend testing it strictly because angry comments scare me, but feel free to do what you want with this case, you are safe.

Short of placing my phone in a freezer, I do not have the means of testing in the snow. With that said, I do not have any experience with iPhones and snow. If you end up with any and want to test that for me please leave a comment or contact me via g+ or twitter.

This case is well designed. Very slim and slides in and out of your pocket just like (if not better) than the Speck. Not to many parts to break, lose, or complain with two exceptions.

I will have to say that the hatch that protects your phone's charging port does come out at an awkward 90 degrees. This seams like it would be the only part you can break on it. The strange angle also makes it impossible to dock without purchasing a Lifeproof dock extender. The exact port size also makes it a challenge to get your phone charger in while fighting this hatch.

The only other complaint that I could see somebody having, is the screen protector. It tends to form a bubble over your screen which gives it a "plastic wrap" kind of glare. However, this seems to be a design element to allow for use of the touch screen under the pressure of water when fully submerged.

The Lifeproof case is something that I will be recommending for a while. It's rich with features that you are not used to in a case. I think I will go lifeproof until they come out with bulletproof (the only thing this seams to be missing). With a multitude of colors this is great for mom, dad, girlfriend, Gram Gram, and whoever else may be on your shopping list.

To purchase a Lifeproof case or any of their accessories check out their website


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